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Our Real Estate business has been built around one guiding principle: Work Hard, Have Fun, and Give Give Give. Real estate can create such amazing results, but it can be turbulent and not without surprises. But we are helping you through it every step of the way. Whether you’re buying, selling or investing with Boise Guru, we want you to be a client for life.


/chel-see · huf/


I believe real estate is about connecting people with great opportunities and helping those I know achieve their greatest potential. I love travel and food and watching my kids experience the world!  |  208.391.3750


/jes-i-kuh · oh-zoona/

team  lead

My strengths lie in strategizing and negotiating for my clients. I am a sucker for a great meal and game night with family & friends.  |  208.391.3751

/nee-kohl · hal/

real estate specialist

I get the honor of helping you with buying or selling real estate to make way for creating more adventure in your lives! I love playing basketball, CrossFit, and traveling the world in my free time.  |  208.807.0224

Urban City Logo-2.png

/Sha-lease · U-wing/

real estate specialist

I love to connect directly with our clients, and provide them with top tier service all while building a lifelong relationship with them. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, wake surfing and traveling to new places. | 208-608-0893

/BRAN-dee · WAY-ley/

executive assistant +
listing coordinator

I make sure everything runs smoothly so that our agents can do what they do best!! In my free time I enjoy playing card games, floating the Boise River, spending time with family and sharing my love of sports with my kids.  | 208.639.2515

/shan-un · mur-ray/

office assistant

I help our owners and tenants navigate the world of rentals and property management. I am a strong advocate for communication, preventative maintenance, and taking care of others. In my free time, you can catch me with a good book, adventuring with my kids, or participating in the local art/music community. | 208-994-2279

What our clients are saying...

I highly recommend the Boise Guru team, specifically Nicole Hall, for your real estate needs! They’re a phenomenal team focused on providing the ultimate buying/selling experience, and they deliver! Nicole is forever patient and extraordinarily knowledgeable of the area and the art of real estate.

- Greg R.

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